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Blog - Why You Need A Rachio Smart Controller

Why You Need A Rachio Smart Controller

Why you need it.

Recent Kansas City area weather has been unpredictable and dramatic, making it more challenging to get just the right amount of water applied to your lawn and garden. The newest Rachio 3 Wifi Sprinkler Controller makes having a beautiful lawn worry-free and easy to achieve. The Rachio applies just the perfect amount of water to each zone, taking into account location, type of grass/plants, and other environmental factors. The system will automatically skip scheduled waterings for rain, wind, soil saturation, and temperature change. It will also inform you if your flow is too low or too high. Yes, it’s THAT smart!

In addition to the features listed above, giving your irrigation technician access to your system means you never have to worry about being home for startups, shutdowns, or repairs.

How it works.

Rachio’s newest feature includes the Weather Intelligence™ Plus, a “hyperlocal” weather forecasting system that knows what Mother Nature is up to right in your neighborhood. It’s the most accurate and local forecasting system available on any irrigation controller on the market.

The Rachio Wireless Flow Meter is an exclusive feature, alerting you when the flow is higher or lower than it should be. Any irregular flow results in an instant shut-off in the zone where it’s occurring and sends you an alert on your smartphone and to the controller itself.

The Rachio Gen 3 is the market’s most connected smart controller on the, working with most major technology platforms.

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