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Blog - The 7 Elements of a Sprinkler System Inspection

The 7 Elements of a Sprinkler System Inspection

Have you ever bought a home with an irrigation system and had no idea how it worked or even if it worked? Most people know that when you purchase a new home you need an inspection of the house, but what people don't realize is that, if the home has a sprinkler system, it's a good idea to also get an inspection specifically for the irrigation system.

Here is what's included in a sprinkler system inspection by Teachers Irrigation:

Controller function:

Does the controller operate properly?  Is the display visible/readable?  This includes visually inspecting the date code of when it was manufactured.  Perform a voltage test to make sure the controller is outputting the appropriate voltage.  Is the controller securely fastened to the wall in an accessible place.

Field Wiring:

Perform an OHMS test with a Volt/Ohms meter from the controller to identify wiring faults such as Shorts, Opens, and Bad wiring connections.

Sprinkler head function:

Check each Zone to identify the type of sprinkler heads.  Look for zones that have mixed head types, like rotors and sprays installed on the same zone.  Identify damaged, leaking, or missing sprinkler heads.  Heads that are too low, too high, or tilted should be identified.

Valve function:

Make sure zone valves turn off and on at the appropriate time when running from the controller.

Backflow preventer:

Most cities require backflow preventers to be installed on irrigation systems.  Know the code for the city the home is located in.  Check for leaks coming from the unit.  Broken ball valves and shutoffs on the unit are a violation and must be repaired.  Testing the backflow preventer by an ASSE-certified tester is encouraged to ensure the unit is functional.

Shutoff valve:

Identify where the main water shutoff is for the system.  Inspect to ensure the device is functional and not leaking.

Water leaks in piping:

Look for puddling water.

When purchasing your home, make sure you hire a reputable company to inspect the irrigation system, not only to ensure it's in good working order but to also give you an idea of how it functions. If you do this, you're on your way to a beautiful home and yard.

To schedule a sprinkler system inspection with Teachers Irrigation, contact us at 913-782-5982 to schedule.

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