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Outdoor & Landscape Lighting


In landscaping, lighting plays a pivotal role in enhancing and illuminating the beauty of outdoor spaces. Teachers Irrigation, serving the Kansas City metro area, specializes in the intricacies of outdoor and landscape lighting, bringing luminosity to gardens, patios, and pathways.

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Our Services Include

Every project demands a spectrum of services. Here’s how we address your outdoor lighting needs:

  • Landscape Lighting Design: Strategically planned designs to emphasize your yard’s best features.
  • Installation: Proper placement and setup to ensure optimal lighting results.
  • Maintenance & Repairs: Keeping your lights shining bright and functioning seamlessly.
  • Lighting Upgrades: Introducing newer, more efficient lighting technology to your space.

From the initial design concept to regular maintenance checks, our suite of services ensures that your outdoor spaces are always presented in the best light.


Why Choose Us?

The right outdoor lighting can transform your property into an evening wonderland, but the expertise behind that transformation is what truly matters.

  • Experience: Years in the business have given us a keen eye for illuminating beauty in any space.
  • Custom Solutions: Your property is unique, and so are our tailored lighting plans.
  • Quality: Efficient, durable lighting ensures both sustainability and aesthetic appeal.

With Teachers Irrigation, you're not just choosing lights; you're selecting a partnership dedicated to brightening your outdoor world.

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Teachers Irrigation believes in the transformative power of effective lighting. Allow us to cast your outdoor spaces in a glow that resonates with elegance and functionality. Want to see your property in a whole new light? Reach out to Teachers Irrigation today, and let's illuminate the potential of your outdoor spaces in the Kansas City metro area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your lighting systems energy efficient?

Yes, we prioritize the use of energy-efficient LED lighting systems that not only save energy but also provide long-lasting performance.

How long does the installation process typically take?

The duration of the installation depends on the scale and complexity of the project. A standard residential project usually takes 1-2 days, while larger commercial projects might take longer.

Do you offer maintenance services for the lighting systems?

Yes, we provide maintenance packages to ensure that your lighting system remains in optimal condition. This includes regular checks, bulb replacements, and system adjustments.

Is outdoor lighting safe in wet conditions?

Yes, the lighting fixtures we install are designed to be weather-resistant and safe for outdoor use in various conditions, including rain and snow.

How do I schedule a consultation for my outdoor lighting needs?

You can contact us via our website, email, or phone to schedule a consultation. We'll be happy to visit your property, assess your needs, and provide a no-obligation quote.

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Have questions or need assistance with your irrigation and drainage needs? We're here to help! Please fill out the form, and our dedicated team will get back to you promptly. Let's collaborate and bring your outdoor vision to life in the Kansas City Metro area. Your satisfaction is our top priority.