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Blog - How We Solve Irrigation Efficiency Problems

How We Solve Irrigation Efficiency Problems

Teachers Irrigation provides solutions for common efficiency problems that are related to automatic irrigation. We created a proprietary system called “Core4” that identifies waste and provides solutions for inefficient irrigation practices.

Core4 strategy focuses on:

Scheduling strategies

Our team ensures your system is applying the right amount of water to the right place at the right time. This is at the heart of strategic scheduling. You can schedule a maintenance plan with Teachers Irrigation to ensure that your irrigation system is operating at maximum efficiency for all seasons of the year.

Delivery system function

When your controller, valves, pipes, and sprinkler heads all work together to deliver a lush lawn and landscape with little wasted water, your system is optimized. That is the goal. How you achieve that is through the Water Smart Upgrades.

Water Smart Technology upgrades

Smart Controllers auto-adjust watering times to match current weather conditions. These units may also have remote control features which allow you to manage your system with your mobile device and is part of a Water Smart Technology upgrade.


We have maintenance plans and processes to keep your irrigation system running perfectly over the years. Things change. Stuff breaks. You can rest assured that our team is reliable and knowledgeable, and we have the REVIEWS to prove it.

Irrigation EDU certified

Training and development of our staff is what makes us different from our competition. Each irrigation technician is Irrigation EDU certified which ensures your sprinkler system is being maintained by the highest level of expertise in the industry.

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